The Indispensable Foundation


“Bill has used the power of storytelling and lessons from some of the great literary works of history and has woven them into themes of values, culture, power and leadership which ring as true today as when they were first written.
Be prepared to rearrange your thinking and to be challenged.”

— From the Foreword by David Hoffman

About the Book

Twenty-first century leaders operate in a rapidly changing environment. Evolving technologies present both new opportunities and new risks. Competitors appear from unexpected directions. Supply chains are vulnerable to pandemics and other global developments. Competition for emerging talent is fierce.

Senior leaders can be easily overwhelmed by these diverse challenges. In this book, Bill Black draws on his decades of leadership experience and excerpts from great literature reaching back 2,500 years to map a way forward.

Well-articulated and robustly supported values are the indispensable foundation to anchor organizations as they buffet the winds of change. With that as context Black frankly confronts the question of pursuing and exercising power. He provides provocative thoughts about uses of time and the necessity of clear-headed thinking to build great teams.

These ideas have been refined by discussion and debate with over 250 senior leaders who attended the Leadership Values seminars over 14 years.

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About the Author

Photo of Bill BlackBill Black was in leadership roles at Maritime Life for almost three decades, including nine years as Chief Executive Officer.

Over the years he has been a leader on many boards, both corporate and not-for-profit. He served as Chairman of The Halifax Chamber of Commerce, the IWK Health Centre, and Symphony Nova Scotia, and as Lead Director at the Bank of Canada. These experiences informed his understanding of leadership in many different contexts.

Bill is a regular columnist for The Chronicle Herald. His articles are collected on the website New Start Nova Scotia.

In 2015 he was made a member of the Order of Canada. The citation highlighted his example as a values-based leader and his contributions to the development of established and emerging executives.

Contact Bill at bill@leadwithvalues.ca